An Open Letter to Single Ladies


Hello there single lasses!

Happy Valentines Day! Don’t fret just because you don’t have a date or because you’re thinking that no one would give you those red stuffs you’re seeing while you’re on your way to school/work.  Show some smile, a wide one, because you are loved.

Now may not yet be the time for a ‘romantic love’, but everyday is a day to cherish the love of family, friends, relatives, mentors among others.  Valentines day is a special day to celebrate love, but surely we can do it everyday.

Forget the past hurts and foresee the good things that lie ahead.  You may have had painful experiences with your past lovers but don’t take it against the person, it will do you no good.  You would end up frowning all day, being preoccupied by evil plots, wishing you could make any way to avenge your broken heart.  It’s not the way to go.  Give yourself some relief for this Valentines day by letting go of anger (or if you’d call that grudge) and bitterness and replace it with forgiveness and a hopeful heart looking forward to meeting the best man for you.  This may not be easy but you can always take it slow.  Time heals.  You just have to take a leap of faith to take your first step on moving on.

Some of you may haven’t had any lover yet, ever.  Cheer up, because your heart is being preserved for the best one.  Giving yourself a deadline will only make things more frustrating, especially if things aren’t going the way you want them to be.  Relax.  Breathe.  The journey of finding your partner is not like a race.  Life is not a frantic race at all (from the film The Three Idiots).  Enjoy what you have now.  Appreciate the people you meet everyday.  Embrace the love of people around you, reciprocate it.  Nurture the love that is inside you so when the time comes to meet that special man in your life, you are ready to share the overflowing love from within your heart.  Patience is a virtue.  We’ve heard it a million times, but its essence and reward come only to those who practice it.  “Great things happen to those who wait.”

In order to give and appreciate love, always remember the origin of it – He who loves us unconditionally and selflessly.  “No love is greater than this: that a man would give his life for a friend.”  Treasure His love and reciprocate it.  Consider it as a training ground for the man He has prepared for you.  When we experience this real love from Above, only then can we spread it among others.

Happy Valentines ladies 🙂


*a single lady*


God's timing is always perfect.


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