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What better way to kill time than to do essay writing and get paid for it!  I am officially back in – the Philippine’s No.1 Premiere Online Writing Community.  It’s easy to get in.  I actually tried it about a year ago when I was looking for a freelance writing job.  After I registered, I immediately took my first assignment in the hope that I would get paid for writing.  I wrote 5 articles and received 300 bucks for it – not bad, but I must admit I considered putting great effort to meet the deadline as I was doing some other papers for school that time.  Now that I’m neither in school nor in a workplace (yet), I find this bum days as perfect time to indulge myself into writing again.  Instant freelance writing job!  I updated my profile last night and claimed an assignment tasking me to do 3 articles with 330 words each.  First article done in an hour 🙂 Two more.

Image – The Philippine’s No.1 Primiere Online Writing Community

If you are someone who enjoys writing as your daily cup of coffee and ready to do some assignments and get paid for it, you should check this writing hub, Follow the instructions there on how to get started and how you would be paid (there’s a Writer’s Manual page). You are just a click away to this awesome freelance writing job. For newbies (like me) and for aspiring writers, can be a good start on developing your writing skills. Consider it as an intensive training ground for writing – you should be disciplined on hitting the deadlines, on following proper format, you can hone your SEO skills and learn from your fellow writers through forums. There are a lot more to enjoy in this hub while you are in the comfort of your own place. You will love it. As what its tagline says “…ang bestfriend ng mga writers.”

So much for this blog post. I have to go back to writing and finish the two articles left. I have to submit them in less than 12 hours. Adios!


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    • Hi Sir George! sorry for this late reply, my connection got messed up during the past few weeks. I’m doing great! I hope you had a great Holy Week 🙂

      Best regards,


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