A Little Reminder for Bloggers

Last night, when I was in our music ministry rehearsal in the church, one of our dancers asked me “Moon, why did you stop writing?”  I wasn’t quite sure on what kind of “writing” she was referring to because I have just been indulging myself lately to online article writing (so I haven’t stopped writing in that case). . . Then her following statement answered my query as if she had been reading my thought:  “Because I am reading your blogs.  I don’t know, but lately I am just being drawn to reading blogs and somehow I feel stress whenever there’s nothing I can browse.”  So my blog it is.  Ouch, it dawned in me that it has been more than a week since I posted my last write-up.

I felt guilty to accept the fact that she is reading my blog.  Let’s admit it, we bloggers don’t have a way to know exactly who our readers are, except for looking at those who ticked the  “like” and “comment” buttons on our posts.  But other than that, posting articles or any write-ups is like throwing stones to the moon:  you’ll never know what the feedbacks are or who your consistent readers are.  But perhaps the only thing for sure about blog readership (as how I learned it from my encounter with that dancer) is that our readers are just out there.  They may not be comfortable on identifying themselves by liking or commenting on our posts; or they may not like everything we write but they read, and some even wait and look forward to our next posts.

So let this be a little reminder to us.  Let us be into the habit of posting regularly! (posts that are worth our readers’ time)

Happy blogging everyone!


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