My Summer Books

My Summer Books

Books are friends with Summer 🙂 Whatever plans you have for a frenzied vacation, taking a book with you can overtly complement your experience in a beach while catching up some sun or when drinking your favorite summer refreshment. Even in the loneliest hang out (spending time alone that is), books are a great company.

In my case, I have these four books with me now:
1. Australian Stories for the Spirit – sixty inspirational stories from some Australian Christians who willingly share bits of their experiences to give some spiritual refreshment and meditation;
2. Young Blood – a compilation of essays written by contributors of twenty-something years of age in a section of Philippine Daily Inquirer (a national broadsheet) called “Young Blood”;
2. Reader’s Digest Classic Collection – 2011 special edition. It is a compilation of classic works published in Reader’s Digest since 1963 (all nonfiction and mostly inspirational);
4. Bridget Jones’ Diary – a comical masterpiece of Helen Fielding exposing the diary of a funny and trying-hard-to-be-a-woman-of-substance Bridget.

Whenever I go out, say malling or doing some church tasks, I would bring one or two of these books so in case dull time comes my way or if I just get tired of walking or moving around, I can sit back and flip over the pages and get something informative, inspiring or entertaining out of them.

How about you?  What are your summer books?

Happy summer and fun reading everyone!
God bless!


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