Spiritual Food (May 25)

I’d like to share with you the things I’ve learned from Sunday worship service and from our bible study.

Sermon-Trust Christ always.He is more than enough to sustain us through our most difficult times. (John 5:17-20)

Girls’ Bible Study-Submit to God; Resist the devil. Live by the Spirit (James 4:7)
(On confession, 1John 1:9 & Psalm 32:5) do not conceal anything, be willing to confess. When we sin, it does not change the fact that God loves us but it does cause a break in our fellowship with Him. Confession restores that fellowship.

“Live by the Spirit & you will not gratify the desires of your sinful nature.” – Galatians 5:16


Dump the Temporal

Beware of what you feed yourself (your eyes, your mind, your heart, your spirit).  The world will show you things that are temporal, not having  eternal value.  It will convince you that you need those things for happiness well in fact, the ultimate happiness and comfort in life can only be found in Jesus (no one, nothing else).


Follow God-given Directions to You

Gods Direction

Daily Bible reading is as important to a Christian’s spirit and soul as eating food for physical body. Through God’s word, we are directed to follow His ways and His plans for us. Can you remember the last time you spent time with God and felt assured of what He told you? of what He wanted you to do? And it seemed that the paths He laid on your journey became so vivid a film before your eyes that you so want to jump right in and follow where it leads you? The feeling is indescribable, and as much as possible, you don’t want to let go of that feeling once you go back to the real encounter with the world and with the people around you. But, it’s here: the world is here. The voices of the people are as loud as resounding gongs and they will never cease on whispering and shouting at you till you give them an ear. But resist it. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment for you to know who to listen to. surely He also uses god-fearing people to give you pieces of advice.