If heaven isn’t real…

Here’s a thought provoking question from a Christian friend/discipler:

If heaven isn’t real, will you still go and follow Christ?

3 thoughts on “If heaven isn’t real…

  1. Interesting question! I’m blessed by our Hope of Glory…I have faith that Heaven is very real, beautiful, and prepared for me, and those who have faith in Jesus, but I also love the Love, Joy, Peace, etc. that Jesus gives us now, here on earth! The goodness of God led me to repentance, and there I stay…following Jesus, and believing fully in all God’s promises!! Amen!

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    • Amen! The question let me go back to the day when the gospel was presented to me…I asked myself what was my motive of accepting Jesus as my Lord&Savior..was it just because I was afraid of hell and want the comfort and pleasure of heaven?..but then, thank God for His grace,. I believe He really moved my heart and caused me to surrender my life to Him and follow Jesus no matter what kind of life awaits me. A Christian life is not easy, especially in the world today.but you’re right, we keep holding on to God’s promises because they’re true..and yes, He has prepared a place for us.


      • Well said!!! Changes the way we present the Gospel to others…through the goodness and kindness of a Savior sent by a loving Father for our good…to those that are called according to His purpose!! Amen!

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