Stories We Leave Behind by Micaela Papa

My heart is bleeding for this. I share the same frustration as a writer, as a communication practitioner. And this is precisely one of the reasons why I badly want to take up Development Communication.
Pilipinas kong mahal, kailan ka nga ba magiging tunay na malalaya?

[Entry 20, The SubSelfie Blog] 

Guest blogger: Micaela Papa is a senior correspondent for GMA News. At a young age, she has received numerous awards for her Brigada documentary Gintong Krudo. She was also in Palo, Leyte during the first day of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Our Manila headquarters could not establish contact with their team for the first 24 hours after the storm. Thankfully, they survived. She wrote this article a few days ago (June 19, 2014) and it was first published in GMA News Online. — Bam Alegre

There is nothing in the world more fluid than the news. Today’s PDAF scam headline could be cradling my dog’s poo at the bottom of his cage tomorrow.

I’m not the first reporter who is thankful that stories expire at a (nearly) daily rate. We rarely take our stories home – especially when the day’s coverage was a politician talking my ear off…

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