In retrospect: My life’s landmarks

I remember our pastor’s advice in one of his sermons: keep track of our life’s landmarks – these might be some major decisions that we made, life’s turning points, or some really good, unexpected stuffs that the Lord brought in to our lives.  He said, it would help us remember how good the Lord has been, and see that from the beginning, He has been orchestrating things to happen in our lives to shape us into the people He wants us be.

That Sunday, I began recalling past events which I think, are the wheels that drove me to what I am now.  I have to say there are many.  But let me share with you 3 major things I saw, which I guess were very vital in transforming me and enabling me to do what I am presently doing for the Kingdom of God.

Course in College: Mass Communication

I can still remember how pressured I was in deciding what to write on my college freshmen application form: BS Nursing as my first choice, or AB Mass Communication.  My parents wanted me to take up Nursing, like my sister did.  But I wasn’t really inclined to any medical stuffs then.  It was clearly stated in my aptitude assessment in highschool that my strength is in communications and liberal arts.  I am well aware of it.  I love reading, writing, speaking.  I love communications.  So I took the courage to tell them what I want to study.  Thankfully, with my sister’s support too, they agreed to let me take AB Mass Communication.  I excelled in my studies.  Every subject included in my curriculum, I took seriously (media, communication, advertising, public relations, film,theater, journalism, etc.) With the Lord’s guidance, I graduated with honors.  And now, he provided me with a job that’s related to my course (Media Production Specialist, which mostly entails writing tasks).

In our church, I can apply my learnings in worship leading.  How? The way I craft my exhortation pieces, and my confidence to stand in front of many people (though of course, we know that our ultimate confidence comes from the Lord).  I am also an occasional actor, sometimes for kids’ program, or special illustration.  And now, I write/blog about #Christians #Christianity #inspiration etc. 🙂 Specifically, I write for ChristianBlessings blog now! Gratefully, I find peace in what I am doing.  I am planning to delve into another study of Communication which I’m sure will help me better use my gift in communications for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

My Music Journey:  Moon as a chorister

In college, I did not confine myself to academics only.  I explored and searched for an organization that would suit me.  Then I saw the university chorale.  I love singing, whether in church or outside, but I want to learn more about singing, and I thought that joining the choir was really a good way to enhance my musicality.  It is! I learned a lot from our conductor.  I learned the art of singing in a group.  I learned different techniques and other technicalities of singing.  But, eventually, I got too excited and got so immersed into chorale music and to our gigs outside that I could only give God my spare time—shame on me.  But His grace never let me go.  Just when I was about to start my last year with the choir, accompanied by a full cultural scholarship, and the prestige of singing in the graduation rites, the Lord poked me and called me back into His ministry.  It was a divine intervention, that no matter how appealing the idea of staying with the choir was, I did not hesitate to give it all up and returned to God’s calling. And from then on, blessings upon blessings dawned upon me.  Because my Saturday and Sunday schedules were cleared when I left the choir, I was able to attend session on the Doctrines of Grace (what our church believes in) and was revived in bible studies.  Now, I am still able to use the skills I got from the choir to the Praise and Worship ministry.  I teach kids voice lessons and I also trained worship leaders from another church.  We are now planning to conduct more similar trainings for other churches.

First Job: Property Specialist / Real Estate Agent

Before I got my job as a Media Production Specialist, I took risk in entering the challenging world of sales in the field of real estate.  I must admit I was easily attracted by my friend who was then an agent to the real estate company I applied for and of course, by the financial reward she gets with the job.  Who doesn’t find money appealing? But at the back of my mind, the reason why I want the job is for me to extend instant help to my family, and to our church which at that time, wasn’t getting enough collections to compensate to its monthly expenses, plus its plans of expanding the church building.  So I got the job (that was in 2012), and I excelled too! During my first contracts, I exceeded my quotas.  But since my clients would always get the ‘no downpayment’ scheme, commissions were coming a long way from the next 2 to 3 years.  I had to wait.  Then during my stint as a Property Specialist, something went wrong with my Christian calendar.  Sometimes (or should I say, often times?) I would give up Sundays to meet with clients whose only free time was Sunday.  Then I remembered how that same thing happened when I entered the choir back in college.  And I said to myself, “This can’t be.  There’s something wrong.” Another thing which I think God caused to happen was, my parents started advising me to look for a job with security of tenure and where there’s career growth (because as we know, sales agents are contractual, and bound by quota).  You know, even though they wouldn’t tell me upfront, I know I disappointed them the moment I decided to work as a real estate agent.  They don’t regard the job as something reputable, or simply put, they didn’t think it’s for me.  And again, even if they didn’t complain in front of me, I would feel their embarrassment whenever I’d ask them to help me tap their friends to invest or to invite to our showroom. They mentioned this vacancy in a government agency (where I am currently working) which is very much related to my finished course.  I prayed for it and God immediately answered my prayer.  I passed the test and series of interview, and eventually got hired.

So what happened to my commissions for my previous sales?  Just recently, my father reminded me to follow-up on it, telling me “Asikasuhin mo. Sayang naman. Kung alam mo alam, mamatay-matay kami ng mama mo nung pasukin mo yan.” (Work on it.  You have no idea how your mom and I almost died when you decided to enter that kind of job) He confirmed that I didn’t make them proud for that decision.  But thank God, He made a way to stop my parents’ pain for that job.  But I would never regret it.  Now, God is pouring out the blessing of that job on me.  I’m starting to reap my commission.  And it couldn’t come in a more opportune time than this.  Our Praise and Worship Team is about to have its retreat next week and we don’t have enough budget at hand to make it happen.  But thankfully, the Lord’s just in time.  I got my first check last week. Now I am praying that the Lord would give me wisdom on how to manage these blessing wisely, as there will be more to come.

Indeed, God moves in mysterious ways.  Even what the enemy means for evil, God turns it for the good of those who loves Him.  He is in full control.  He is sovereign.  He is the architect and engineer of our lives.  He orchestrates things to happen in order to shape us.  We just have to pray for the Holy Spirit to give us discernment and wisdom on what God wants to teach us on a particular life circumstance.

And we know that for those who love God

I believe more landmarks await me on the road.  I just have to trust and obey Him because He knows what is best for me.  God’s plans are always for the best!

How about you? What are your life landmarks?

5 thoughts on “In retrospect: My life’s landmarks

  1. Thank you for sharing your life’s landmark’s. It made me think about all God has done for me and how much I should be thankful to Him. I will only share two life landmarks because it would take up much time.

    1. Being introduced to the Craze
    The Craze was a youth group I was introduced to before I became a Christian. I was truly lost but going there changed my life forever.
    – I received Jesus Christ at youth.
    – I found out God’s plan for me
    – I was scared of crowds but it was at youth that I learned to speak in front of people.
    – I got baptised at youth
    – I met some really amazing people. (One of those people would later be my boss who I worked for 9years who would become my mentor who would later bring me into his family! I was alone and he took me in.
    – the person I am today, the things I believe have a lot to do with the youth group. I learned to love God with everything within me and love people.

    2. Starting work at a place called the Blue Banana
    – The man I was talking about who brought me into his family hired me. it ‘s at Blue banana (a Thai Restaurant) that I grew up as a man. The Craze was just the beginning. At Blue banana I grew up. My boss taught valuable life lessons and gave me responsibilities. He guided me and taught me everything he knew. He taught me about relationships, marriage, family, responsibility, love, and a host of other things.

    I am so grateful to God for these two life landmarks. These were the first two after I became a Christian but they changed me forever. They are the foundation I stand on as I look to the future……

    God bless you.


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  2. @rolerrol Wow! What an amazing testimony Rolain! 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours too. Twas really inspiring. Indeed, God’s hands are at work within us. Let us therefore be always thankful for His grace…Imagine how great His grace is! Who are we that He bothered to call us into His flock and give us the titles, sons and daughters? He’s just so amazing. Praise His name forever!
    May you always find joy and peace in every circumstances in your life. God bless you Rolain! Keep the faith. 🙂


  3. hi moon. i came across this blog post earlier. i had to get back to put up my landmarks too. doing so reminds me how gracious God has been all these fifty three years.

    1. i was adopted twice. God used two of my sisters in my second adoptive family to plant the seeds of the Word in me. and if i were not adopted, maybe i would’ve wound up dead many years ago.
    2. i got kicked out of catholic seminary after 3rd year high school. i thought i wanted to be a priest but God had better plans for me.
    3. i lost two out of two student council elections in UE. that made me realize later n that God never designed me for politics.
    4. i became a drug addict. and stayed one for almost twenty years, hurting a lot of people in the process.
    5. i became a teacher in between bouts of addiction. i never realized it then but God used this to hone my public speaking skills and His gift of teaching.
    6. i became poor. i inherited almost 500k pesos when my father died. i spent it all within three months and i didn’t even get any Guiness book recognition for the feat.

    with nowhere to go, and with nothing left, God took hold of me.

    i became a christian on September 30, 1996 and God has since turned everything around.

    it has been a more colorful life from then on, with the usual bumps and ups and downs that come with the territory. there have been many mistakes still and many lessons learned the hard way but i’d like to believe i turned out for the better.

    i am passionate about the proper, clear, simple, complete, and faithful preaching of God’s Word in a world that would rather listen to those who tickle their ears with rubbish. most times my convictions make me feel i am travelling a long, lonely highway, wanting even just one person to care to listen to God’s truth as He has prepared it.

    but i move on, by God’s grace, wanting so much to be able to do my best for our God Who is best glorified when our lives match His Word we profess to believe.

    God bless you, Moon. yes, keep the faith. and contend for it.


    • Hi innotechmanila! Sorry, I visited my WordPress again just now. Ngayon ko lang nabasa ang comment mo. Thank you for sharing your life’s landmarks. It’s quite overwhelming, and yet very encouraging. May God see you through in all your life endeavors, and may He continue to use your testimony to give light and hope to other people as well. 🙂


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