Verses and mantras

Sharing my partial collection of verses and #mantras 😊 They’re a wonderful mix of wisdom/insights from the books I’ve been reading recently: the #Bible, ‘Five Voices, Five Faiths: An Interfaith Primer’ by authors from five major religious traditions, and ‘The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships’ by a Buddhist author.

Recently, the Spirit seems to be leading me in a faith path that allows me to look deeper into my worldview (that includes my religious beliefs), and how this worldview affects my character, and the way I see and treat others/my ‘kapwa’. The revelations are deeply humbling.

Reading an #interfaith primer book has opened me to others’ beliefs, & I would say that it’s not just about having plain tolerance or willingness to understand the other four #faith traditions. It demanded from me the same level of respect and honor that I am willing to give my own tradition. I’ve realized how arrogant I/we have been in the past decades/centuries deeply holding the belief that only a certain group of people (i.e. those who belong in the same religion/religious sector or denomination/faith-based community as how we understand it) were privileged to know God, the Truth, salvation, etc. This sense of self-entitlement has brought so much indifference, and even conflicts, between & among peoples of this world.

On the other hand, Jerry Braza’s book teaches me the #Buddhist practice of ‘mindful living’, which to me, won’t give any #Christian an excuse to not bear the fruits of the Spirit. His profound collection of insights in the book springs from a generous heart that offers the world practical ways of growing good relationships which can be easily anchored to one’s faith. It’s an invitation to practice, just as the apostle Paul has urged Christians to train theirselves for godliness, ‘coz it’s never easy. It requires both discipline & constant practice.

I am amazed how God can wonderfully weave together these threads of wisdom to form a tapestry of one’s #spirituality. Many threads are still lying loose, some still missing, but thank God he’s forming the ‘patience’ part of His obra to help me not lose sight of what is yet to come. ❤