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Love for the flock

It is easy for the hired man to leave the flock (the church) because he is only hired–he works in exchange of money. But we work out of love–love for God and love for others. Taking care of the flock is a labor of love.
How far can we go in loving the flock? Will we be like the hired man who runs away for his life upon seeing the attacks of the enemies (trials, challenges, temptations)? Will we leave the church in exchange for our own comfort and pleasure?

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John 10:11 – “I am the good shepherd, who is willing to die for the sheep.”


Welcome back to love talk series here in Christian Tagalog Blog section of ChristianBlessings.  In my previous posts, we have well-discussed about ‘loving your neighbors’, taking key verses from the book of Corinthians, and gospels of Matthew and John.  And, I must say (upon completing each post and upon meditating on those verses) that this commandment is really not easy to accomplish.  We stru

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Revisiting the two greatest commandments

If we love God, we ought to love others. Let us revisit the two greatest commandments. This is my latest blog post for Christian Tagalog Blogs section in ChristianBlessings (08/30/2014) 🙂


Let’s start our “love talk” series by first revisiting the two greatest commandments in the Bible.  We’ve heard about it many times in Sunday sermons or perhaps in Bible study.  But let us see what else can we extr
act from it and how else can we show our obedience by practically applying it in our lives.  I must admit, the insights I would share with you in this post are triggered by my partner in our Praise and Worship Team (Jake, who I know is just out there, reading some materials about humanity/theology/music/anything under the sun). Jake is currently studying in a seminary and taking up Theology.  He’s very passionate about learning Christ’s life here on earth, his connection with humanity and society, and how we ought to live like him.

The two greatest commandments:

36 “Teacher,” he asked, “which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus answered…

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For the love of Filipino food: Sisig recipe

Before I begin my “love talk” series tomorrow at Christian Tagalog Talk section, I’d like you first to revisit your love for Filipino food. Fine cuisine is one of the many gifts God has given us FIlipinos. So here’s a recipe of the greatest pork dish on earth – Sisig! You might want to include this in your weekend menu 🙂 Enjoy and pass it around! Teach a friend how to cook Sisig 🙂


Good morning from Philippines! Before I begin with my ‘love talk’ (spiritual) series tomorrow on this same section, Christian Tagalog Blogs, I thought of cooking a lighter write-up for you today–love for food.  God has been very generous in blessing Filipinos with gift of good food.  I know, for those of you who are far away from home, you probably miss our local dishes…the food varieties that make up the Filipino cuisine! (When was the last time you ate or cooked a genuine Pinoy dish?)

This is perhaps the perfect time to try your hand again at cooking a Filipino dish (even if you are of other nationality, try this one!).  You might want to do it this weekend.  So, I thought it might be nice to share with you the recipe of one of our standout food that recently made it to international news through the New York Times — guess…

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Guilt, Grace : Driving wheels of Gratitude

Let’s talk about 3G connection. (Guilt, Grace, Gratitude)
Here’s my Saturday post on ChristianBlessings – Christian Filipino Blog. 🙂
God bless!


Last Saturday, we talked about practicing the attitude of Gratitude, and one of the tips we can apply is to keep a gratitude list (see previous post).  This time, let us look back and find out what motivates us to give thanks, or the reason for living our lives full of gratefulness to our Lord.  Again, this is not new to us I’m sure.  You most probably know this, primarily because you have gone through it all.  It’s just that, maybe to some, it hasn’t been presented with this easy outline: 3G (Guilt, Grace, Gratitude).

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I first heard this concept in one of the session of Doctrines of Grace in our church.  Then eventually, as our pastor embeds this outline once in a while in his sermons, and now in our sessions of Heidelberg Catechism, my understanding of it has grown deeper.  I come to appreciate it more and…

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