For the love of Filipino food: Sisig recipe

Before I begin my “love talk” series tomorrow at Christian Tagalog Talk section, I’d like you first to revisit your love for Filipino food. Fine cuisine is one of the many gifts God has given us FIlipinos. So here’s a recipe of the greatest pork dish on earth – Sisig! You might want to include this in your weekend menu 🙂 Enjoy and pass it around! Teach a friend how to cook Sisig 🙂


Good morning from Philippines! Before I begin with my ‘love talk’ (spiritual) series tomorrow on this same section, Christian Tagalog Blogs, I thought of cooking a lighter write-up for you today–love for food.  God has been very generous in blessing Filipinos with gift of good food.  I know, for those of you who are far away from home, you probably miss our local dishes…the food varieties that make up the Filipino cuisine! (When was the last time you ate or cooked a genuine Pinoy dish?)

This is perhaps the perfect time to try your hand again at cooking a Filipino dish (even if you are of other nationality, try this one!).  You might want to do it this weekend.  So, I thought it might be nice to share with you the recipe of one of our standout food that recently made it to international news through the New York Times — guess…

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